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TEST List Page (No Posts)

We may need to use a “Page” rather than “Posts” for the concert listings, because Posts has too much info that needs to be removed from public display ( Post date and Author of post.)

Although some of that info is valuable and should be utilised/displayed publicly¬†in the listing.¬† (“Filed In Categories..i.e month & year.)

I think It would be better to figure out how to edit the theme code to remove the unwanted stuff and use posts instead ???

***NOTICE*** Here is the link to the Comments/RSS feed. I copied it from the Nav-bar on hte headers file. I’m leaving it here (hoping it works the same from here.) So it can be used later once the comments link is removed from the Nav-Bar. OK IT DOES NOT WORK FROM HERE. But the code is intact for storage here. If You want to add comments/rss back into the site place the code here back inside the Nav bar div tags. ~R.


6 Responses to “TEST List Page (No Posts)”

  1. RobinMerritt says:

    Dave, You know You could just use this page for the total online calendar and save yourself an extra step!

  2. RobinMerritt says:

    Regular listings are free for all venues and artists.

    Links to the artitsts or venues websites of choice are provided for a fee*

    Banner ads measuring 102px tall by 484px wide are provided for a fee* Links through these banners are provided for additional fee*

    All art and design services for the banner ads are available through this site for a separate fee. All art & design done through the contact on this site will be prepared with readability on iPhone & mobile devices as part of the deal. Any artwork prepared by an outside source must adhere to our guidelines for readability on mobile devices, aesthetics and appropriate content or it will not be displayed.

    Sponsorship banner & link at top of the page is available for a fee*


    Just realized a client who maintains an image on their own web server may change that image themselves at no additional charge whenever they wish. Therefore a regular banner ad account can be maintained by a client and changed even daily if they do the work and maintain the image on their own server. The regular time based display fees will apply but no additional art or design fees will apply if they do it this way. All above mentioned requirements must be met for outside hosted and ceated designs to be displayed.

  3. RobinMerritt says:

    Here’s the link to configure Your new email account. You have three different web-mail clients on this server to choose from. From here You can set up auto forwarding and lots more features.

  4. RobinMerritt says:

    Dave; You have to provide an e-mail address in order to be a user here so I gave You a new one.
    You can have it forwarded to any address You use for all your normal correspondence. Let me know if You need any assistance with this from this end. You will be alerted through this address whenever You have any comments or other contacts through this site. You can change this address to another one if You want.

  5. RobinMerritt says:

    Dave; here is the page describing all the WordPress Roles & capabilities.
    I was going to give You Admin access here but that also would allow You to potentially or accidentally change link management settings,plugin setups and other software settings that could easily break the simple stripped down system I’m building.
    You’ll probably only want Author settings since this allows You to control textual content on the site without much chance of bumping into some software or css type settings that could cause the site to quit working properly. We can always elevate your status whenever You are needing to have more control over the system.

  6. RobinMerritt says:

    OK I enabled comments for this page only, You have to be signed in to leave notes. Originally I want no public comments on the site for the sake of simplicity. Later on maybe a discussion page but not now.

    What we need to do Now (July 30, 2009.)

    1. I’ll ad Dave as an admin.
    2. I’ll try to work out the exact sizes for graphic banners.
    3. I need to know the form & format in which all the entries for the concert dates are prepared for print in order to figure out the best quickest simplest way to import the info into this site. Then I hope to come up with the most automated way possible to keep it updated.
    4.The revenue end of the site will encompass banner ads & Links including graphic design if needed. A paypal or other payment link can be incorporated into the site. A non public page for clients can be set up.

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